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Welcome to The Yellow Fish, the ultimate destination where culinary artistry is seamlessly combined with unparalleled convenience. We understand that in the fast-paced settings of hotels and resorts, both quality and efficiency are paramount. That's why our artisan croquettas are meticulously handcrafted to save chefs precious time without compromising on taste or presentation.

Our distinguished line-up includes a variety of flavors that are nothing short of extraordinary—from the oceanic depths captured in our Octopus croquettas to the earthy sophistication of Palmheart-Black Truffle, and the authentic zest of Spanish Style Iberiq. Each offering is designed to tantalize the palate, delight your esteemed guests, and elevate any dining experience.

But our culinary mastery extends beyond croquettas. To bring a harmonious finish to your dishes, we've developed a collection of cold-served sauces that serve as the perfect accompaniment. Need a refreshing drink to elevate your meal even further? Our range of artisan lemonades offers the ideal balance of sweetness and tartness, meticulously crafted to quench the most discerning of thirsts.

At The Yellow Fish, we don't just provide food; we offer a comprehensive culinary solution. Here, every meal is transformed into a gastronomic celebration, a veritable feast for the senses. We invite you to explore our diverse offerings and discover how we can enrich your culinary repertoire.





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