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You are what you eat!

The Yellow Fish arrived on the scene in 2021, on the sunny Island Mauritius. Within months we’ve become the talk of the town restaurant for good times and great food. Today’s consumer demands more, opting for higher-quality ingredients and better "Fish & Chips" experiences, we’re proud of our simple yet tasty offering with a new approach to the traditional “Fish & Chips”. That’s why we call it: Fish and Chips Re-invented! 

A modern ambiance

The design concept of The Yellow Fish stores reflects the company’s modern and sleek mission.
A reduced, bright interior, Internationally designed and urban coolness give each outlet of our successful QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) a stylish, cosmopolitan atmosphere.

A pioneering concept

One bite that changes – relax from the stresses of everyday life, do something good for your body and enjoy a delicious meal in a friendly atmosphere.

The Yellow Fish “Fish & Chips Re-invented” meets all these requirements and creates the perfect combination of enjoyment, quick service and fun. This makes The Yellow Fish a pioneering concept.

Franchising as a key to fame

Franchising is a system based on partnership with the aim of effectively building up a strong brand.

For this purpose the franchisor makes his tested business and corporate idea available for the franchisee, together with the know-how he has acquired. In return the franchisee invests his labour and the capital required to build up the company.

In addition the franchisor provides support for the franchisee’s success, continues to develop their shared business concept and constantly adapts it to changing market conditions. The franchisor also provides partners with a marketing concept which is ideally adapted to the individual location and supports them with training and detailed, personal business advice.

Why a Yellow Fish Franchise:


  • strong pioneering concept

  • positive brand image

  • detailed franchise manual providing support in all areas

  • unified marketing concept

  • low investment costs

  • flexible restaurant sizes

  • uniform image provided by an distinctive design concept

  • more than five years of franchise experience


  • working in partnership with the franchisor

  • initial training in line with individual needs, individual trainee programme

  • initial training in line with individual needs, individual trainee programme

  • financial assistance if required

  • detailed on-site support at the opening

  • exchange of information via a web-based intranet

Operational Procedures

  • central production kitchen

  • recipe book with step-by-step instructions

  • regular employee training and hygiene courses

  • guaranteed quality standards

  • tried-and-tested, simple workflows

  • optimised ordering and service operations

  • a wealth of experience


  • central coordination

  • negotiation of procurement terms by the franchisor

  • large network of reliable suppliers and partners

  • personal development

  • opportunities for participation in the ongoing development of the system

  • opportunities to open additional locations, expansion abroad

Franchise criteria

Our franchise partners are as enthusiastic about The Yellow Fish concept as we are, and strive together with us to build up a strong, dynamic brand which will be successful in the long-term. To ensure that we will always be right up there among the best, we set our partners the same high standards that we set ourselves. Aside from the required capital investment, a franchisee must be actively involved as an operator of their The Yellow Fish restaurant(s) either through their own involvement or that of a dedicated operating partner (with equity) who is committed to the full-time management of The Yellow Fish business.

The ideal partner should meet the following criteria to gain consideration for a The Yellow Fish Franchise:


  • experience as a single or multi-unit restaurant operator

  • minimum liquid assets of $50,000 - $70,000 per store to be developed, which includes the one-time initial franchise fee.

  • infrastructure and resources to meet your development schedule

  • You love Fish and Chips