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Crafted lemonades 

Refreshing lemon based, accentuated with hints of exotic tropical fruits our lemonades are the finest available on the market. With a delicate aroma and balance of lemon-infused artisan drinks with a hint of fruits which elevates its all-natural flavours. Its superb lemon flavour with hints of sweetness, bitters and acidity offers a slight, yet pleasantly refreshing lemonade and delivers a beautifully blended aftertaste. Exquisite drinks made with the purest flavours.

Be sustainable and get rewarded!

We believe in recycling. It’s an integral part of our sustainable approach on how we operate our businesses. All our lemonades are served in beautifully crafted bottles made from the highest quality of glass available. When purchasing a lemonade Rs. 25 consignment will be added to your invoice.
When you return your bottle we give you 2 options:

  • 1. Rs. 25 for each returned bottle to us or, 

  • 2. A Rs. 50 voucher which can be redeemed on your next visit*. 

Artisan Lemonades

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*Vouchers are available only in selected The Yellow Fish outlets. Vouchers can only be redeemed in the same outlet as received and cannot be exchanged for cash.