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Experienced and sophisticated multi-unit restaurant operators and/or business professionals with a track record of building strong and successful teams.

For each The Yellow Fish restaurant to be developed a prospective franchisee must have at least $50,000 in liquid assets and a net worth of not less than $70,000.

The estimated total initial investment ranges from $50,000-$70,000, which includes the initial franchise fee.

A franchisee should be actively involved as an operator of their The Yellow Fish restaurant(s) either through their own involvement or that of a dedicated operating partner (with equity) who is committed to the full-time management of the The Yellow Fish business.

In order to effectively manage their The Yellow Fish business, either the franchisee, or the designated operating partner, should reside within close proximity of the market where the restaurant(s) are operating. It is recommended to be within a 60 minute drive time of the restaurant(s).

Royalties are 10% of revenues. Local restaurant marketing and logistics fees are fixed.

The Yellow Fish restaurants range from 16 - 40 square meters. As stand-alone or in a (mall) food-court environment. An outdoor patio/seating area and the availability of curbside pick-up can be beneficial.

The Yellow Fish franchisees receive extensive support and training in a manner that positions them for success, including:

  • Site selection assistance and guidance from our in-house experts

  • Prototypical plans, construction and design management by our in-house teams

  • Comprehensive The Yellow Fish Training Boot Camp program for restaurant managers

  • Confidential operations and training manuals

  • Pre-opening and post-opening marketing programs and materials, including public relations guidance and support

Once the The Yellow Fish restaurant is operational support services include:

  • Operations and training support

  • Sophisticated and proprietary technology, engineered by The Yellow Fish, designed to guide and assist franchisees to effectively manage and control their restaurant(s)

  • Marketing and public relations support by our in-house marketing and creative teams

  • Innovative, state-of-the-art technological systems for management of digital marketing, customer sentiment and social media

  • Consultation in financial performance optimization

  • On-site visits, coaching, and audit report

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