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"United by Taste: The Evolution of The Yellow Fish in Mauritius"

In the midst of global uncertainties, Jerry and Jorg, two inseparable friends, dared to adapt and evolve. Together, they transformed The Yellow Fish from a beloved franchise concept to a culinary brand that now enriches the experiences of patrons in hotels, restaurants, and resorts across Mauritius, as well as shoppers in retail stores.

A Vision Refined Amidst Challenges:

Founded on the idyllic island of Mauritius, our friendship was nurtured by our shared culinary passion. As circumstances changed, so did our vision. We channeled our energies into expanding The Yellow Fish into new avenues, making it a staple for institutions and consumers alike.

The Essence of The Yellow Fish Idea:

From a focused mono-concept restaurant, we evolved into a versatile culinary brand. We maintained our commitment to quality and honed our recipes to meet the varied demands of our new partners, from five-star resorts to bustling retail outlets.

The Crispilicious Quest: Meeting the Culinary Standards of Our New Partners
We continued to perfect our signature fish & chips, now tailored to the high expectations of chefs in luxury hotels and restaurants, as well as discerning retail consumers.

Satisfying Sips: From Signature Lemonades to Bespoke Beverages
Our artisanal lemonades have also undergone transformation, now crafted to pair exquisitely with a variety of cuisines offered by our hospitality partners.

A Warm Embrace: Elevating the Culinary Experience
The spirit of The Yellow Fish remains; it’s a brand that comforts and delights. Whether enjoyed in a resort, a local bistro, or from the shelves of a retail store, we ensure our products offer that same warmth and quality.

Scaling Flavor and Quality: Partnering for Success
As we diversified our offerings, we collaborated with hotels, restaurateurs, and retailers who shared our values and dedication to excellence. Our products now grace their establishments, adding to their repertoire of quality experiences.

Giving Back: From Local Community to a Wider Reach
Our commitment to uplifting the community continues, but on a larger scale. We now provide not just jobs but also business opportunities for our partners, contributing to the local economy in newer, broader ways.

Core Values That Fuel Our Adaptability:

Steadfast Passion and Dedication:
Our love for food and commitment to our partners drive us forward.

Courage to Adapt and Innovate:
The ever-changing landscape has only emboldened us to be more creative and agile.

Power of Connection:
Our relationships now span from consumers to industry stakeholders, creating a strong network of allies.

The Future of The Yellow Fish:

We look ahead with excitement and anticipation. As our product line and partner network grow, we stay committed to innovation and excellence. Our journey is proof that with love, resilience, and the right partners, there are no limits to what we can achieve.